The Man Cave


Every man should have one, here's mine.  It is still a work in progress, but I'm slowly getting it together.

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paintarea.jpg (220392 bytes)

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A couple of shots of my painting area.

Most mini painters have a "shelf of shame" (a shelf of minis in various stages of paint that may or may not ever get finished) but I think I'm the only one who has a drawer and a cabinet also.

Some shots of what will be a shelf that goes all around the room, displaying my other favorite pass time, BEER.

One of my favorite items in the man cave.  A bust statue of the greatest rock band ever, KISS.  It even lights up.  Given to me by my sister, Jennifer, one year for Christmas.

mancave11.jpg (247796 bytes)

hrcpins.jpg (272378 bytes)

Some of the tin signs in the 'cave.  As you can see the clock has the proper time,  it is always five o'clock in the man cave.

Here is a picture of a portion of my Hard Rock Cafe pins.  I used neodium magnet (rare earth) to secure them to the shadow box.  I have many more, just need to get them in some shadow boxes.