A few items that the Dragon has to offer.  If you see something that you like please email me:

Most of the miniatures in the galleries are for sale, If you see one you like, make me an offer. 

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Bouncin' Bell Pepper Jelly.  This one is for those who don't prefer any heat.

Cosmic Chili Pepper Jelly. Not overly hot, with a nice chili flavor that is out of this world.  Howlin' Habanero Pepper Jelly.  Not as hot as you think it might be, but still has some heat. Tantilizin' Tabasco Pepper Jelly.  All the flavor and heat of the famed sauce, but in jelly form. Hoppin' Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.  This was made with a milder jalapeno pepper so its not that spicy, but has good jalapeno flavor. Super Five.  This is a blend of all five peppers.  Kinda' warm, but with a good taste.        
All containers are 8 oz. (one half pint jars).  Jellies were made with the freshest ingredients available in a clean smoke-free environment (hey, I eat this stuff myself and share it with friends and family), to see how it was prepared, look here.  Peppers were grown by me in my garden.  Get yours today for $4.00 each plus shipping, three for $10.00 plus shipping.  All come with a money back guarantee, just return the unused portion and an explanation as to why you didn't like it and get a full refund.  To order, send and email to the address above or you can call me @251-709-0416