Ghostly Summons by Reaper


Julie Guthrie did a super job on this one, I can't wait to get some paint on it.  Unfortunately the casting isn't that great, there was a huge mold line down both sides of the figure, like the mold was misaligned.  I hope I can straighten it out.  Here it is:

summons4.jpg (397932 bytes)

summons3.jpg (212547 bytes)

summons1.jpg (345689 bytes)

summons2.jpg (201180 bytes)

ghostly2.jpg (175568 bytes)

ghostly1.jpg (171790 bytes)

gs6.jpg (160323 bytes)

This is what you get when you pick it up from your FLGS.

Here's what is inside the package, quite a large chunk of pewter.

A shot of the mold lines,  misalignment.

More lines, check out the arm and buttocks.

Here's a couple of shots that show some of the work I've been doing to straighten out the mess on her arms and such. 7/26/09

Ghostly primer, ready to paint.  Hopefully soon. 9/13/09