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Kinda homely, and oh so small. That's a regular size tack for comparison.  Unfortunately, she got severely damaged when the cabinet fell.  New mini cabinet.

 Close up of the mini cabinet.

 Games Workshop plastic minotaur.  Nothing remarkable about this one, painted a long time ago.

 Heartbreaker Minotaur. I built the wall out of metal key stock and used five minute epoxy for mortar.  Painted a while back, mostly dry brushed.

 An elf prince from the Crucible game.  I think he's a special edition mini.  His cape is purple, a victim of the camera's white balance.  Added 8/31/09

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Games Workshop elf, wish I would have strung his bow.  Added 8/31/09

A 56 mm barbarian and princess from Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures.  Being a Conan fan, I couldn't resist this one.  Painted a long time ago, when all I knew was dry brushing.  I might strip and repaint them one day.  Added 8/31/09

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Here are some pictures of the inside of the Dragon's Lair.  I still have to get my stuff in here, but, it's my little corner of the world.  The black desk in the corner is where I plan to do my mini painting.  8/14/09