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A picture of my "high-tech" photo studio

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Pearl mermaid with octopus familiar






Astrid the Chronicler

Astrid the Chronicler

Astrix the Chronicler

Not sure of this guy's name.  My first attempt at a snow base.

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  Monique de Noir, just a quick paint job to get it done.  

56mm Monique done as an exchange mini.  More pictures in the exchange gallery.

Cretus the Minotaur.  Done for the 20 person exchange on the Reaper forum, 4/08.  More pictures are in the exchange gallery.

Another version of Pearl with a stingray familiar.
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Bourbon Street Sophie.


Lynsette, painted for a mini exchange on the Reaper forum.  more images in the exchange gallery.

Pit Fiend, I see a lot of these painted red, I figured he would look green.

Side view.

Rear view.

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A really cool model, I really went all out on this one.  Painted several years ago.


Probably the first Reaper mini that I painted.  I like how the expression on his face turned out.


A crusader from Reaper's Warlord line.  Can't remember his name.  Started using cork on my bases.

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Painted this one a while back, one of my feeble attempts at NMM on the blade.


Gloom wraiths from the Warlord line.  I tried to make them look like they are materializing out of the bases.  Don't really know if I pulled it off.


A caveman and cave girl from the Dark Heaven line, painted a long time ago and before I found out about Dullcote.  Cool concept, but lacks the detail that the newer sculpts have, the paint job doesn't help much either.  Added 8/31/09

Just to show I'm not a chauvinist, here's the opposite pose.  This one isn't Reaper, but I thought it would fit here.  I think it was done by Steve Buddle.  Added 8/31/09

A gargoyle, not much to say about this one, just a quick paint with some dry brushing.  Added 8/31/09

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A couple more gargoyles, the first one I tried to copy a paint job I saw on the 'net that made him appear to be coming to life.  I think it kinda' looks that way.  Added 8/31/09

Next we have a trio of succubi.  I painted these a long time ago, too.  I really like the sculpt on the first one.  I still need to play around with the camera, the loin cloth thingy is purple in person.  Added 8/31/09

Werewolf, I think his name is Jean Paul Duchamps, or something like that.  Not a super paint job, another base coat/dry brush job.  Added 8/31/09

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A clay golem.  One of these days, I'm gonna put a little hair one one of these and paint him green for the Hulkster.  Added 8/31/09

Captain Drake, a special edition from the CAV line.  Dark lining is a little heavy on the uniform.  Added 8/31/09

A female vampire painted a long time ago. I think the face looks kinda manly.   My first attempt at a large red area.  Added 8/31/09

A witch/vampire hunter from the Warlord line.  I like the sculpt and how the armor turned out.  Added 8/31/09