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Grenadier Miniatures

Grenadier Models were the first minis that I painted, got started back in high school.  There was a hobby shop in the mall called Hobbyville and I used to buy them there, probably cost six to eight bucks back then for a whole box, some had as many as ten minis in it.  My how times and prices have changed.  Too bad there wasn't much instruction or info on how to paint them back then, maybe I would have done them more justice.  Evidently, there was no such thing as flash back then because I don't recall cleaning them and upon inspection, I don't see any mold lines.

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Sea Dragon, I painted this back in the eighties.  Could probably use a shot of Dullcote.

The other side.

The Sea Dragon came with two Sea Elves.  I like the shell armor and the puffer fish on the guy on the left's head.

This is one of my all time favorite miniatures.  Painted in the eighties, also.  I didn't know it but I was using NMM back then.  Check out the ax head, not any better now that I was then.

His daughter.

And the obelisk that came with the set.