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Mini Exchanges are fun, if you get a chance to participate in one give it a shot.  How it works:  you sign up for the exchange and an administrator assigns you a partner.  It is random, so you don't know who is painting for you only who you are painting for.  There is usually a two to three month deadline to be complete.  I wish I would have written down who painted my mini's but I didn't, so, if you see your work here please email me: johnatthebrassdragondotcom and I'll give you credit.




Painted for me by someone else:

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This is my favorite exchange mini I have gotten so far.  It was painted for me by "Warlady" on the Reaper board.


 A really neat conversion painted for me by "Dragonsnack" on the Reaper Board.


Another Reaper Exchange mini, don't remember the artist.  Nice job on the tiger pattern. 

I like the "dark" feel that this one has to it.  Reaper Exchange, don't remember the artist. 


Painted by me for someone else:

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I painted this mini for "sethohman" in the Reaper 20 person exchange.


I painted this one for Eric (can't remember his screen name) in the Reaper 56mm exchange.


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Made a nice wooden base for this one.  Sculpted some flagstones to match the mini.


Painted Eric's avatar on the part of the base that the mini covers.

Dwarf that I painted for "heisler" on the Reaper board.

Lynsette, I don't remember who my exchange assignment was for this exchange.

Rear view.

I think that this is the first time I tried for a fancy base.  Used cork tiles for the build up and various rocks and gravel for the foliage and fill.  Found a nice rock for the rune stone.  The base is hand finished maple.

Close up of the rune stone.

Top view, front.

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Rear view.