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Fiana I painted real quick like.  Not real happy with her, especially the eyes, but its done.

Wolfen Hunter, I believe.  Seems to be missing the quiver.  I have another picture somewhere.


My all time favorite Wolfen model--Bark at the moon Baby!!  I think the skin tone came out pretty good on this one.

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 This is one of my favorites, also.  You can't go wrong with Onyx the Grinder.  I painted this a while back.  Rackham models have so much detail, they can at times be overwhelming (at least to me), just when you think you are done, you see something else that you missed.


 A Wolfen Hunter


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I think these are Hunters, too.  The first Wolfen I painted.

Repentant Wolfen

The flesh turned out really well on this one, unfortunately, the camera didn't pick it up that well

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Experimenting with white on this one, after many, many glazes, the blue still bled through.

A trio of Keltois.  These models took forever to paint, lots of fiddly-bits.  The flesh turned out really good, for me anyways, on these.  Since I didn't take notes, haven't been able to duplicate it.  Tried NMM on the metal bits.  Added 8/31/09