I wish that Reaper would make more mini's this size.  I really like working with this size.  She is an awesome sculpt, and surprisingly, flash free.  Only a few mold lines to deal with, one of them in an aggravating spot, across the top of her hair.  I also made a wooden base for her out of a scrap piece of flooring.  I plan to make a mini scene with her but haven't decided what to add.  Here she is:

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Here's what you get when you open the package.  I forgot to include the base that came with it in the picture.  The little piece that looks like a worm in the lower right corner is part of her bangs.  I've thought of leaving it off and just puttying up the hole in her head where it goes.

Picture of the base that I'm working on for her.  It'll look better after I hit it with some gloss lacquer.

Front shot of the base, I wish I hadn't made the legs so long, but I think it will do.  I think the wood is cocobolo.  If you are interested in a similar base, email me,, and I can fix you up.  I have several different woods available.

I managed to get the base finished.  The lacquer really  brings out the color in the wood.  It's a shame that most of the top will be covered with material for the mini. 7/26/09

more base

more base

Picture of the mold line across the top of her hair.  Some work has been done on it, still has some more to go. 7/26/09

Here she is all primmered up and ready to go.  Got a few ideas for the base and as soon as I can scan the the sketch I'll share. 9/13/09