Summer Cucumber Salad

A cool and tasty use for all of those fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.  My Mom made this for us when I was growing up.

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First, you need some cucumbers and tomatoes; fresh picked is the best, anywhere you can get them will be fine.  I like to chill mine in the fridge so the salad will be cool.  Above, you can see today's, 6/15/09, picking from my garden.  I'll probably get this many cucumbers every other day for the next few weeks.  The tomatoes are coming in good, too.  OK, back to the salad.

Figure on one cucumber and one tomato per person.  Peel the cucumber if you want and the tomato, too.  I usually peel the cucumbers, but not the tomatoes.  It's up to you.  After peeling, cube the cucumber into one half inch cubes, do the same to the tomato. Put them both into a bowl that is large enough to allow for mixing, should look like this:

Almost done.  Add salt and pepper to taste, I like to go a little heavy on the black (coarse ground) pepper.  Next, add a couple spoonfuls of your favorite mayonnaise, I prefer Kraft and go a little light on it so the flavor of the veggies comes through.  Mix the ingredients together and you should have this:

There you have it, a quick, cool, and delicious salad.  Enjoy!!  For added flavor, you could add a little onion or bell pepper; or for a little pep, cut up a fresh hot pepper and add to it.  Now you have one thing to help you get rid of all those cukes and tomatoes.