Bridgette the Naughty French Maid

 by Reaper


Who can resist a French Maid, especially a naughty one.  Gotta' hand it to Werner Klocke, he knows how to sculpt female mini's and I think naughty ones are his specialty.  She is actually a lot smaller than I thought, I hope I can paint her as well as Meg did.  Check her version out here, while you are there, check out her site, she's a super painter. 

 Here she is:

maid2.jpg (420883 bytes)

maid1.jpg (350270 bytes)

bridgette2.jpg (135360 bytes)

Here's what you get when you pick her up at you local FLGS.

This is what is in the package.  I haven't decided what I'm going to base her on yet, but I'm not going to use the one that came with her.

Well, here she is in primer.  I think they look even bigger with primer on them, way to go Werner.  9/13/09