Azalea "1" Page


I am kinda' partial to this little tree.  It started as a cutting from another tree that I had which later died after being repotted.  My lack of experience killed it, but it lives on through this small tree.

Progression photo's of the Azalea 1:

Satsuki azalea bonsai in training, will be getting a pot next year.  It was raised from a cutting from a larger tree. Styled by Ben Oki at a club workshop in January. 6/14/09

Same tree in December of 2010.  The foliage has its winter color.  The leaves will green up as soon as it gets warmer.

February 2011, fixing to give it its first repotting.  Hopefully it will survive, I have had bad luck with azalea repottings in the past.

Here it is April 16, 2011 on display at my club's Spring show.  Not blooming as much as I had hoped, but I think it looks nice in its new pot.  Not its final home, but just a transition pot.