BCS National Championship

Auburn Tigers vs. Oregon Ducks



I had the chance of a lifetime, I got to see the National Championship in Arizona.  Not only did I get to see the game, I attended it with someone very special. It was the adventure of a lifetime with many great memories. Here are some highlights:

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University of Phoenix Stadium.  That place was HUGE!


Never boarded a plane this way before.  Very nice charter flight.

Sunset somewhere over Arizona.

Note to self: NEVER hug a cactus again!

Tickets to the pregame party.  There is an interesting story behind these

Pregame Show

Amazing Stadium Stuff

Tiger band

All tied up!!

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Auburn Wins!!!!!

Enough Confetti to choke a herd of Elephants!

Note the color of the crowd.  Definite division in fans.


Improvised icechest from the party on Sunday at the Upper Deck before the game.

Some scenery from around Arizona.  I have never been to the desert and it was amazing.
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More random shots of the desert.

Some Day of the Dead, Mexican Holiday, figurines in a shop in Arizona.

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 Some Photos of the pregame party, super time!!!!

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Don't really get these, but they were being carried around the party.

I wish this was my yard!  The resort had orange trees for hedges.

We ate in the court yard of the resort one afternoon, if you got up from your table to fetch another beer, these birds would steal your food.

Palms at the resort.

The coveted tickets

The drive coming into the resort at night.

Same drive during the day.  Beautiful at any hour.

They called these the Camel Back Mountains.

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Relief!!!!! Auburn won!!!!!