Landscapes and Scenery


Some photos and scenery of some of the places that I have visited.

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Gulf Shores, Alabama, November 2010

Tar balls found on the beach in Gulf Shores.  November 2010.  Thanks BP, you SUCK!!!

Atlanta, Ga, early morning view from Centennial park. March, 2011

Cherry trees blooming in Atlanta.  March, 2011

Rat bike, as seen at Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL. March 2011

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Necklaces hanging form wall covering. Mardi Gras 2011

Super Moon over Atlanta, Ga.  March 19,2011

Toomer's Corner, Auburn, AL

Pictures taken at the Sundial Club on the top floor of the Westin Inn in Atlanta, GA

I just can't get enough of this place---Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Cold beer, clear water, and white sand.

The star at the top of the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.  Stayed there while attending the BBS Conference in March of 2010.

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WTF!!! What happened to 20 or 25?  Talk about speed traps!!!!

I love these people!  See my  own recipe for pepper jelly in the recipe section. Taken on a Highway somewhere in Alabama.

A Tribute to Dan Quayle fans everywhere.  Potato with and "e".  Taken on Shelton Beach Road in Saraland, Al.

Sunset on Hwy 158 in Saraland, Alabama.  Taken on 9/15/2010.


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Sunset at Sandestin Beach, Florida.  9/26/2011

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Sunset at Wolf Bay in Orange Beach, Alabama.  8/30/2011

Samford Hall, Auburn, Alabama 10/15/2011

The Gaylord Texan, Grapevine,Texas 3/19/2010