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Canna lily 6/14/09 The first sunflower of summer. 6/14/09 Miniature rose 6/14/09 The fig harvest looks pretty good this year. 6/14/09 Yucca plant from the back yard. 6/14/09 Serissa flora plano 6/14/09 Purple serissa 6/14/09 Serissa kyoto mountain 6/14/09 Serissa pink fairy 6/14/09

 Water lilies photographed on the side of hwy 59, west of cr225. 7/26/09

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  Some mushrooms found in the back yard. 8/10/09


A volunteer gourd growing in the garden. 8/10/09

 Ginger blossoms. 8/10/09

 American beauty berry plants growing along the drive to the shed.  They are really loaded, in the fall when the leaves drop the berries turn deep metallic purple.  They are supposed to be edible, even found a recipe for jelly and wine.  We'll see how they taste. 8/10/09


This is a "weed" that keeps coming up all over the place.  The little hanging "lanterns" turn brown and when you open them up there is this little berry (second picture) that is orange to red.  It tastes and smells like a tomato, only sweeter.  If anyone knows what they are, please email me, 8/10/09


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Just to show you that resurrection fern will grow anywhere, I found this while working on my truck.  It is growing in the fender well. 8/10/09

An angel's trumpet that I planted by the shop.  Added 8/31/09

A kumquat blossom, the trees are loaded now.  I hope to have a good crop this year. Added 8/31/09

Blooms form my rosemary bonsai.  I think they look kinda' like miniature irises.  Added 8/31/09

Interesting orange mushroom found in the yard. 11/25/09

Dew berries, similar to blackberries, ready to pick.  Time for some cobbler. 5-10-2010  They grow wild here.

Mulberries almost ready for picking, 5-10-2010.

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I love this azalea, the blooms look like roses.

I love smell of gardenias.  These are growing by the house.

Part of the blueberry crop.

Morning glory, taken at Gulf Shores on 7/05/2010.

Beach flower, taken on 7/05/2010.

Canna Lily, July 2010.

Gardenia, Axis,AL, July 2010.

Puff Balls, July 2010.

Whisteria, Axis, AL, July 2010.

Morning Glory, taken in Axis, Al. 7/2010.  Note red center as compared to yellow of one taken at Gulf Shores.

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Sunflowers, July 2010

Eggplant bloom, July, 2010

Cucumber Blossom, July 2010

Black-eyed-Susans, July, 2010

Trumpet flowers, July, 2010.  Hummingbirds love these.

Silver Queen Corn grown by me.  July 2010.

Scuppernongs, grown by me.  The bronze type, not quite ripe.