Black Orc by Reaper

Started 11/23/09


I think this one was sculpted by Tre Manor, he did an awesome job on this one.  The only disappointment on this one was that one of his hands was miscast and required some extensive reworking. I ordered another and it was even worse.  This one is being done as an exchange mini on the Reaper Miniatures Forum.   Well, enough of that,  Here it is:

orc11.jpg (151255 bytes)

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orc2.jpg (146011 bytes)

Primed and ready to paint.

Wooden base I made for the mini.

Building up the base with some cork.  Still need to add some rock and bits to make it come together.

Test fitting the mini on the base.  I'll have to use a little putty to cover up the remaining on his feet.

Base coat on the armor with Reaper Plate Steel.

Base coat on the flesh with a mixture of Reaper Dragon Black and Purple.  Also worked on some of the leather.

orcc5.jpg (168754 bytes)

orcc6.jpg (164584 bytes)

orcc7.jpg (182851 bytes)

orcc1.jpg (155861 bytes)

orcc2.jpg (160750 bytes)

orcc3.jpg (136134 bytes)

orcc4.jpg (53051 bytes)

Finished the flesh.  Need to do a few touch ups here and there, and tone down the teeth, I don't think an Orc brushes that often to have pearly whites.  Also, not real happy with the eyes.  Used Reaper pro paint purple mixed with black and used Reaper Master Series linen white to lighten the mix up for the highlights.

Here, I have worked on the highlighting on the armor and the leather.  Still have to do some touch up here and there and fix a few things.  Used Reaper pro paints and Games Workshop inks.  Not sure that I like the leather bits.