2009 Reapercon Sophie


I finally got my hands on one of the.  I and extremely grateful to "Greyhorde" on the Reaper discussion board for helping me secure one of these.  I've a lot planned for her as you can see below.  I hope it turns out well.  

This project was started on 6/20/09

On this one I plan to do a mini diorama and custom base with a bunch of extra details.


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Here's what she looks like when you get her, just pretend that I took the picture before I ripped the package open.

Package open, ready for flash removal and cleaning.

Here's a shot so you can get an idea of the her size.

Cleaned and ready for  ready for priming.

Primed and ready for paint.  The easel is put together.  I can't get over how small the trophy is and still has a lot of detail.

Smiling for the camera and ready for some paint.

For this project, I plan on using this stainless steel washer thingy for the base.  I'll be using Procreate sculpting epoxy to sculpt a cobblestone "floor" on the base.  I like the green stuff better, but I can't find my tube.

Cut off a couple of pieces of epoxy to mix and get started.

First thing to do is to fill the hole in the center.

Next, a layer of epoxy is put on top of the base and the mini's are put on the base to figure out there placement.  I put some glycerin on the bottom of Sophie and pushed her into the base to make a recess for her.

baselayout2.jpg (197732 bytes) basefinished.jpg (139817 bytes) sophieonbase.jpg (155288 bytes)

I kinda "sketched" the pattern that I wanted on the top of the base.

Using a piece of wire, I sculpted the cobblestones. to the right you can see Sophie's impression, to the left you can see the easel's spot.

Here's a shot with the two in place.  I see a couple of finger prints I need to fix.