2008 Reapercon Sophie

Started June '09


I've had this one for quite some time (Duh! a year) and finally decided to get to work on her.  She is quite small, smaller than a lot of Reaper's stuff.  She also had a bunch of flash on her; the mini being so small made the clean up tedious.  Well without further delay, he she is:

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2008reaperconsophie8.jpg (129039 bytes)

Here's what she looks like when you get her.

Package open, ready for flash removal and cleaning.

Put together and put on the base with some clouds that I sculpted.  At least they are supposed to be clouds.

Another view of her ready for priming.

Primed and ready for paint.  I guess the base looks more like clouds after primer, we'll see after paint.

Smiling for the camera.

Base coat on the hair and flesh applied.