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Welcome to my corner of the world.  On these pages I hope to share with you some of the hobbies and stuff that I enjoy.  Check it out, sometimes it dosen't hurt to poke at the DRAGON.



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National Championship 2010

Lick It Up!

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There is nothing better than a sunset at the beach, here is a progression of photos of the sun slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico.  Taken at Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Click on the picture to see it full size.

Common Sense, Where are you?!

Is it just me, or does it seem that there are more idiots out there?

19th of January 2013-Having trouble with Frontpage, hope to have it sorted out soon.

19th of September 2012--More work on the bonsai gallery.  Check out bald cypress1.

19th of September 2012--Did some work in the bonsai gallery.  I added a few pictures of some azaleas.  Check them out.

18th of September 2012-- What a difference a year can make.  Many life changes.  The most important-- I got married to the most beautiful woman.  

19th of October 2011--Deleted the guest book portion of the site, thanks to all of the shit-heads who kept stuffing it with Viagra and porn ads. Added some photos to the landscapes and scenery page.  Enjoy. 

19th of July-- Updated the landscapes and scenery page, the critters page, the flowers gallery pages and the bio page.  Check them out and sign the guest book.  Oh yeah, updated the bonsai pages, showed what happens when you leave your ex-wife in charge of watering your bonsai.

22nd of June 2011-- Updated the bio page.  

16th of June 2011-- Big update to the latest addition, The National Championship,  what a trip! Also created a Landscape and Scenery gallery to highlight some of the places that I have been.

12th of June 2011--Two updates in one day!!  Created two new sections, Landscapes and Scenery and Random Street Food.  Updated the flowers and critters galleries.  Check them out.

12th of June 2011--Been a long time since an update.  Real life has been tough the last year, but things are getting back on track.  Trying to rearrange a few things in the bonsai section, let me know what you think.  I have a few pictures to post in the critters section and thef lowers section, hope to get to them soon.


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